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I have been a fan of NASCAR since early childhood.   I began watching racing at the age of 3.  Racing is the only sport I watch.  In fact, I aspire to drive in NASCAR’s premier series; Trucks, Xfinity and Cup. At the age of 4 my father took me to a race track where I drove a kid kart for the first time.  I immediately knew this is what I wanted to do.  Upon completing my very first set of laps, I got out of the kart, and said “Man that was awesome”.  For the rest of that year my father was able to rent a kart for me to practice and compete and by the end of that first year we were able to purchase my first ride.

In the summer of 2012, I began racing seriously at the famed Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, which was a road course.  I raced here from March until July.  In June of 2012, I expressed interest in racing on oval courses.  Oval karts vs. road course karts are built and “set up” differently, it was not feasible for me to race in my first kid kart on the oval tracks which resulted in the purchase of an oval kart.

In that age group there is little to no difference in oval karts as far as the engines are concerned.  Most drivers are able to gain more speed in oval karts because of the way the kart is “set up” IE:  clutch, rear sprocket (rear gear) balance in the kart, seat position, weight, chassis adjustments.  The karts are broken down into classes where I began my oval racing career in the Junior Flat class.

Junior Flat class drivers are required to use a restrictor plate.  A restrictor plate limits the amount of fuel going into the carburetor.  Depending upon the track, the restrictor plate is either purple which has a smaller restriction plate, which in turn allows more fuel into the engine, which in turn allows the kart to go faster.  The top speed on a kart with a purple restriction plate is 45 - 50 MPH. There is also a green plate.  This has a larger restriction which allows less fuel into the engine, which slows the kart down.  The top speed on a kart with a green restrictor plate is 35 - 40 MPH.

In July 2012, I raced the oval kart for the very first time at Wall Township Speedway in Belmar New Jersey.  Wall Township Speedway is a ¼ mile oval asphalt track.  Current NASCAR driver Martin Truex, Jr. began his career at Wall Township Speedway as did former Crew Chief and current NASCAR car owner, Ray Everham. 

I raced at Wall for the 2012 racing season and finished the season in 4th fourth place.  I won two trophies.  In 2013 I began my first full season in oval kart racing at Wall.  Less than a quarter of the way through this season, I switched tracks to Borgers Speedway in Saylorsburg, Pa.  Borgers is also an asphalt track, but much shorter track than Wall.  It is 1/7 mile with banked turns.  In my very first race at Borgers, and with limited practice time due to weather conditions, I came in second in the feature race.  I finished the 2013 season at Borgers having competed in enough races to take 2nd second place for my class.

In the 2014 season, I raced every Saturday at Borgers Speedway.  However, midway thru this season, I again switched cars.  This time I switched to a Slingshot.  I began my racing career in the Slingshot in the Junior Slingshot class.  In my very his first race I finished first in my heat race, and second in the feature.  At the end of that season I won the Club Champion for the Junior Slingshot class, as well as the Octoberfest Champion.  As a result of these accomplishments, I was awarded Club Champion by the Checkered Flag Fan Club and received a trophy from that Club as well.

In the beginning of the 2015 racing season, I started racing at Hamlin Speedway in Hamlin Pennsylvania.  Midway thru the 2015 season, I switched to Shellhammer’s Speedway located in Shoemakersville, Pa.  Since 2016, I have been racing Shellhammer’s Speedway every Saturday.

In addition, I supplemented my racing experience by racing in the Junior Tour which is a six-race tour at various tracks.  These races consist of approximately 20 - 25 drivers per race.  At the end of the tour, the top eight are recognized as "the elite eight".  In only racing in four of these races, against some of the finest Slingshot Drivers, I placed eighth overall and received special recognition for making the elite eight.


In 2019 I took the next step in my development and moved up to the Legends Series race at Riverhead Raceway, on Long Island. Running the “Number 60” with a technical alliance with the legendary Visconti Motor Sport. I experienced my first all to “real wreck” in my first Legends Car this season.


Unfortunately, the car did not make it through but I learned that good equipment is one of the keys to success. My current ride is a work in progress. It is getting better and better each week as the team fine tunes and works the setup to get it just right.  I am confident that I’m taken it to the front and will be there for the win very soon.

My goal is to become a full time NASCAR series driver.  I will work hard to be noticed and be given an opportunity to enroll in a driver development program and run a limited schedule as I develop as a serious contender.  The cost of racing an entire season is quite expensive. Sponsorship play a vital role in driver equipment and success.  The idea is to just get seat time, become acclimated to the car and let the Gods of Racing Guide my steps.


Staten Island NY 10309


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